Retrospective - Event Highlights


As a service and suggestion for you we have assembled a representative retrospective of successful events which have taken place in recent months.

Konzertagentur Trojan January 17, 2008/
Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna at the Presentation of the new Appearance of the Renaissance Penta Vienna Hotel:
The Renaissance Penta Vienna Hotel invited approx. 400 international guests to the presentation of the new logo und hotel name, at the same time celebrating the opening of the completely newly renovated hotel wing in the former company headquarters of T-Mobile, right next to the hotel main building. The Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna in historically accurate Biedermeier costumes provided the musical framework for the opening celebration in the lobby of the hotel, which is now called „The Imperial Riding School Vienna, a Renaissance Hotel“. At the time of the monarchy there was a riding school in this building and in the 80’s it was painstakingly renovated with particular attention to historical detail. Awarded with 5-stars, it has, since then, been open to the international public for a pleasant stay in Vienna.

Konzertagentur TrojanJanuary 17, 2008/
Premiere of “Unverhofft” in the “Theater in der Josefstadt”:
Herbert Föttinger, director of the Theater in der Josefstadt, presented Nestroy’s „Unverhofft“ (An Unexpected Pleasure) as the 4th premiere of the house’s 2007/2008 season. Directed by Prof. Hans Hollmann, “Unverhofft” offers a whole string of stage idols: Otto Schenk as Herr von Ledig and Martin Zauner as the fabricant Walzl, as well as in further roles: Therese Lohner as Gabriele Walzl; Siegfried Walther as Falk, the milliner and Gideon Singer as Anton, the heart and soul of the Walzl household. With „Unverhofft“, the Theater in der Josefstadt offers a traditional staging in the best sense of the word: the wonderful Biedermeier costumes & the stage sets were created by Rolf Langenfass, the original music set for piano, tuba & clarinet were penned by Michael Rüggeberg. The musical direction is in the capable hands of Bernhard van Ham – the Wolfgang Trojan Concert Agency is responsible for the professional organization of the musicians.

Konzertagentur TrojanJanuary 18, 2008/
The Viennese ladies Orchestra Johann Strauss at the Officer’s ball in the Vienna Hofburg …:
For the first time, the Wolfgang Trojan Concert Agency has been responsible for an important part of the musical program of the, in the meantime famous, “Officer’s ball at the Vienna Hofburg. The ball guests in the “Zeremoniensaal” were entertained by the lilting waltzes, polkas and tangos of the Viennese Ladies Orchestra Johann Strauss.


Konzertagentur TrojanJanuary 26, 2008/
10th Regenbogenball ... with the sounds of the Viennese Ladies Orchestra Johann Strauss:
For the 10th time in a row, the Wolfgang Trojan Concert Agency has been responsible for the musical program of the, in the meantime famous, Viennese Regenbogenball in the Parkhotel Schönbrunn. The illustrious gaggle of ball guests once again were swept away by both the lilting waltzes of the Viennese Ladies Orchestra Johann Strauss as well as the international top hits of the Band A-Live.


Konzertagentur Trojan Feb. 2, 2008/
Gala for OPEC in Palais Ferstel:
The OPEC Fund for International Development was holding a large gala dinner themed „ A Grand Venetian Celebration“ for its customers and co-workers in the noble Palais Ferstel in Vienna. As specialist for the artistic concept, the Wolfgang Trojan Concert Agency has been entrusted with the realization of the program. In a style befitting the period, Herald Trumpets in renaissance costumes and couples in elaborate rococo costumes will welcome the guests in the arcade. The Rococo Ensemble in baroque costumes offered select dinner music from Vivaldi to Mozart while our baroque Master of Ceremonies in his historically accurate costume was escorting the guests through the evening in English.

Konzertagentur TrojanMarch 3, 2008/
„ High Finance Ball“ in Palais Ferstel for the third time...:
Thanks to the successful ball on March 9, 2007, the Wolfgang Trojan Concert Agency has again in 2008 been entrusted with a portion of the musical design of the noble High Finance Ball in the impressive Palais Ferstel. In the arcade our DJ was provided the best entertainment for the illustrious assembly - from soul, pop, rock, swing, easy listening jazz to chill-out, the expert DJ offers a select program far into the wee hours.

Konzertagentur TrojanMarch 11, 2008/
jazz sounds with Band Lou in the elegant Palais Ferstel:
Audiences are pricking up their ears at the Band Lou – in the festive halls of Palais Ferstel, the Viennese musicians offered a represetative musical palette of their diverse abilities – the international managers from Reuters enjoyed a range of songs spanning from Elton John and Astrud Gilberto to Stevie Wonder & Al Jarreau. A particularly sucessful evening both for the guests as well as for our client Palais Events.


Konzertagentur TrojanApril 15, 2008/
Viennese Ball with lots of highlights at Ferstel Palace:
On behalf of our client ACTS Werbeveranstaltungen GmbH., we have partly organized the artistic program of a fitting Viennese ball once more at the Ferstel palace. During the whole evening our Master of Ceremonies acted like a conferencier in a Baroque style - the Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna under the musical direction of Ruth Mueller and Band Broadway provided for the successful musical framework of the whole evening performing dinner and dance music till in the early morning. ACTS also had organized two special highlights for the guests: a concert of the Viennese boy’s choir at the end of the cocktail and as midnight surprise a show of Elisabeth with Maya Hakvoort, Serkan Kaya, Rob Fowler and Fritz Schmid.

Konzertagentur TrojanApril 26, 2008/
Ceremonious Opening to the Exhibit in Stift Klosterneuburg with Amadeus Brass:
Stift Klosterneuburg had a reason to celebrate. It has been 900 years since a church dedicated to Mary in „Nivenburg“ – known today as Klosterneuburg - was first cited. With regard to this fact, the monastery is staging a special exhibit during the anniversary year entitled „The Monastery from A to Z“. It shows fascinating, quaint, and amusing moments from the past centuries. And so, a monastery alphabet evolved: 26 themes from A to Z, spanning 900 years. The brass quintet „Amadeus Brass“ made up of acclaimed musicians from lower Austria provided the successful musical backdrop for the festivities. With sounds ranging from Bach to Steve Wonder, the ensemble aroused the enthusiasm of the approximately 800 invited guests.


Konzertagentur TrojanJune 4, 2008/
KPMG-Gala dinner in Vienna’s Palais Ferstel:
For our client KPMG Deutschland, one of the world’s leading accounting firms, we designed the musical program for a gala dinner in the noble halls of Palais Ferstel. While our popular Viennese Ladies Orchestra-Johann Strauss in historically accurate Biedermeier costumes fiddled away in the Arkadenhof, we presented the Ensemble Sait’nswinger in the Festsaal on the first floor. This gave the international guests the unique opportunity to embark upon a musical journey: while the ladies orchestra provided for the beloved waltz and polka strains and operetta melodies, the Sait’nswinger in the instrumental combination of 2 harps, 2 violins and double bass provided entertainment with zwiefach from Bavaria, Linz dances, Hungarian czardas and something very special: a Taiwanese violin yodeler.

Konzertagentur TrojanJune 6, 2008/
Saxophone Lady at the Hotel Schloß Pichlarn:
The company AWD invited high-ranking clients and employees to a noble event in the rooms of Schloß Hotel Pichlarn in Irdning in Styria. At the request of and in cooperation with natureandalps and Rent-a-DJ we presented our Saxophone Lady, a member of the band Saxophone Affairs in an approx. 30-minute solo appearance within the framework of an event, which was ingeniously and imaginatively planned by the presenter. With grooving saxophone and the best of jazz & Latin, the 37 selected guests experienced a musically perfect transition from the gala dinner to the chill-out in the lounge of the Midway House near the castle.

Konzertagentur TrojanJuly 3, 2008/
Festival Retz 2008 – Premiere of the Baroque Oratorio „Der Menschensohn“:
This summer, for the third time in as many years, the Wolfgang Trojan Concert Agency was responsible for the orchestra management of the chamber music ensemble of the Retz Festival. Festival director Alexander Löffler dedicated his directorship to the theme „music, literature and open borders” and, together with his partner city Znojmo, presented events in Weinviertel as well as on the other side of the border.
With the composition „ La Passione di Nostro Signore Gesu Cristo“ by the Prague-born and in Italy active Mozart contemporary, Josef Myslivecek, the Festival Retz staged a true masterpiece of the classical oratorio tradition entitled „ Der Menschensohn (The Son of Man)“. At the premiere on July 3, 2008, aficionados of early music experienced not only a wonderful renaissance of historical performance practice but also the first Austrian performance of the work since the rediscovery of this musical rarity more than 100 years ago.
The chamber orchestra of the Festival Retz with concertmaster Rainer Ullreich under the musical direction of Andreas Schüller played on period instruments tuned to the historically appropriate pitch A-430 Hz in the unique acoustic of the Dominkanerkirche in Retz.
Has your curiosity been aroused? You will find more information about the Festival Retz at

Konzertagentur TrojanJuly 17, 2008/
Heredium Management Party in Hotel Schloß Mönchstein over the Rooftops of the City of Salzburg:
At very short notice the Zurich-based Swiss real estate firm Heredium Management contracted us to design the entire music package for an exclusive party in Hotel Schloß Mönchstein in Salzburg. The international guests, all dressed in Baroque costumes, were chauffeured to the event in selected vintage cars of the world-famous makes Rolls Royce, Maybach, Porsche und Bentley. Our 30-piece gypsy orchestra as well and the Mariachi band „Los Sombreros“ provided for great although rather unusual musical entertainment in the otherwise classical oriented city of Salzburg.

Konzertagentur TrojanSeptember 19, 2008/
”Business-Gala 2008” in Linz:
The city of Linz was looking forward to an exclusive, top-notch summer event. The „Verein Kaisergala„ under the direction of its principal chairman Oberst Josef Hartl once again staged a large celebration in the “Käufmännischen Vereinshaus” in Linz expecting the attendance of Austrian and foreign nobility and notables from the worlds of business and politics. Thanks to our successful artistic concept for the two Galas on August 18, 2006 & on August 31, 2007, our client had entrusted us again with the program concept for this special gala evening. The Viennese Ladies Orchestra “Tempo di Valse” was selected again to provide the musical accompaniment to the Business-Gala 2008 - a guarantor for a delighted audience and a more than satisfied customer.

Konzertagentur TrojanOctober 21, 2008/
Galadinner for COOK Medical Ireland at the Ferstel Palace:
COOK Medical Ireland invited us to undertake the musical program for a special gala evening on October 21, 2008 at Ferstel Palace. The festive hall in the first floor was the elegant backdrop for the appearance of the four musicians of the Rococo Ensemble in their true-to-style Rococo costumes – for the international guests the musicians had prepared music of J. Hadyn, L.v. Beethoven, W.A. Mozart, Jos. Lanner and the Strausses, the Ensemble presented an entertaining and effective musical program.

Konzertagentur TrojanNovember 8, 2008/
Wedding Ceremony at Schönbrunn Place:
For our internationally active client “The Wedding Planner” we arranged the music program of a very elegant wedding in the so called “Weißgoldzimmer” at Schönbrunn Palace. In the “Weißgoldzimmer” Empress Elisabeth used to live when she stayed in Schönbrunn. Our Rococo string quartet framed the wedding ceremony with well-loved works like the “Air” of J.S. Bach, the “Spring” out of “The four seasons” from A. Vivaldi or the famous “Minuet” of L. Boccherini.

Konzertagentur TrojanDecember 1, 2008/
Christmas Gala for BP-Austria in the Wiener Börsesäle:
During the pre-Christmas season we once again arranged a representative, mood-setting gala in the Wiener Boersesäle – the banquet halls of the Vienna Stock Exchange - for our client BP-Austria. This traditional event has been a welcome occasion for Manfred Killian, the dynamic general director of the corporation, to express his gratitude to his co-workers for their team effort throughout the year. The guests were listening to the lilting waltzes, polkas, Christmas carols and tangos of the Viennese Ladies Orchestra Johann Strauss in their original Biedermeier costumes.


Konzertagentur TrojanDecember 6, 2008/
Master of Ceremonies Ushers Guests through the Award Ceremony in the Vienna Hofburg:
On Dec. 6, 2008 approx. 2000 employees of the German financial service OVB met for the festive award ceremony and the subsequent party in the Vienna Hofburg. Together with the well-known event-manager POG Incentive we provided for the classy backdrop to the perfectly organized event. Situated on the splendid Emperor’s staircase, our baroque Master of Ceremonies and the Herald Trumpets in historically accurate renaissance costumes surprised the international guests with a welcome truly fit for an emperor. Afterwards, they continued to hold the undivided attention of the guests and saw to it that the event proceeded smoothly and tastefully.

Konzertagentur TrojanDecember 11, 2008/
Christmas Gala dinner for alpine at Hofburg Vienna:
On behalf of our client WoW Projects, we organized the music program for the Christmas gala dinner of alpine, one of Austria’s leading companies in construction business. The Viennese Ladies orchestra Johann Strauss under the musical direction of Ruth Mueller provided for the sucessful musical framework of speeches, the Award Ceremony and the following Christmas Dinner performing mainly famous works of the Strausses like the blue Danube waltz. The guests in the Festsaal of Hofburg Vienna and WoW Projects showed their appreciation for the ladies with long applause and much praise.

Konzertagentur TrojanDec. 24, 2008/
Gala Christmas Dinner in the Hilton Vienna:
At the request of our business partner the Hilton Vienna, we planned the musical framework for a large gala dinner presented by several greek Travel agencies. The idyllic gala dinner was held in Park Congress, Austria’s largest banquet room. The more than 400 Greek guests enjoyed the delicious buffet prepared by the chef of cuisine – the quartet of Band Broadway set the mood for the evening performing international Christmas songs, jazz, latin & famous pop songs.


Konzertagentur TrojanDecember 31, 2008 /
The elegant and traditional Ferstel New Year’s Eve Gala:
In december 2008 we celebrated a special anniversary together with Palais Events, our business associates of many years. For the 10th time in a row, we designed the artistic planning of the New Year’s Eve Gala 2008 in the Palais Ferstel. The fabulous six-course New Year’s Eve menu from the kitchen of the chef de cuisine Martin Berger as well as the personal attention afforded the guests by the General manager of Palais Events Mr. Alfred Flammer, the banquet manager Ms. Ursula Mönnig and their team, guaranted a beautiful New Year’s Eve, meeting the standards of even most demanding. The Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna in beautiful Biedermeier costumes alternating with the Band Broadway and the emcee for the evening, Wolfgang Trojan, provided for lively music, the best entertainment and an exuberant mood.