Ensemble Johann Strauß-Wien - Dinnermusik

description: the ensemble is one of the most successful music groups we offer. The Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna presents itself in the style of the waltz king Johann Strauss – it is directed typically viennese with the „Stehgeige“ (standing up violin) by our female standing concert master Ruth Müller. Since the ensemble was founded in 1993 it has thrilled its audiences with artistic versatility and musical sophistication at over 200 galas, concert appearances, and balls.

repertoire: The top professionals from Vienna offer you selected works of the Strauss dynasty, famous operetta tunes as well as easy listening classics of Mozart, Haydn & Schubert but also of course the traditional repertoire of a Viennese ball orchestra like: Viennese waltz, English waltz, Slowfox, Paso Doble, Polka, Tango, march and the traditional pieces for a ball opening and the midnight’s quadrille like known world wide from the famous Viennese opera ball.

combination: The ensemble already plays as a quartet or quintet - the instrumental combination is expandable up to the client’s wishes of for example 10, 15, 30 musicians or even more.

dress: are you looking for a special attraction for your ball or your event? The ensemble performs exclusively in true to the original, silk „Biedermeier“ costumes (some sort of Victorian style in the period of 1840). The musicians of course do also perform in elegant evening dresses (ladies in long evening dresses, gentlemen in black tails).

Appearances all over the world:
Viennese balls: Viennese-Ball in Athen – 2006, 2007 & 2008, Viennese Ball in Hongkong & Djakarta jeweils 1993, Opera ball Bukarest 2006, Viennese Ball in the Netherlands – 2010, 2011 & 2012
Galas: for example for Honda Mexico, Panorama Tours Salzburg, MCI Wien, ACTS Werbeveranstaltungen GmbH., Elegant Events, Renaissance Penta Vienna Hotel, Viennese Johann Strauß-Ball 1999 in the town hall of Vienna
The traditional New Years Eve gala at Ferstel Palace from 1999-2012 (!! already for the 13th time)
Concert appearances: Poland – 1993, 1995 & 1999

Viennese Ball in Holland -
Tales from the Vienna Woods, Waltz
Viennese Ball in Holland -
Skaters, Waltz